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  • I have a webserver home – Windows XP Pro SP2 + Apache 2.0.52 (default charset set to UTF-8) + MySQL 4.1 (defaults to multilanguage UTF-8). I put the new WP 1.5 on it and set that I’ll use UTF-8 for it. The problem is that some latvian and russian characters show up as black boxes and question marks. What could be the trouble?

    Some latvian and russian characters:

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  • OK, on this page everything shows up as it should so the problem is somewhere on my server. Any advice?

    website address?

    1. does the same thing happen when you use those characters in a post?

    2. are they still question marks if you edit the comment or post in the admin section?

    Yes, no matter where, post or comment, some characters are not displayed. And when editing a post for example, or seeing a comment in the admin section they show up the same as on the page.

    I switched the WP (only, left Apache and MySQL as they were) setting to WINDOWS-1257 (Baltic) and the latvian characters where showing up fine, but when you try to edit that post you get the whole text in HTML entities(?) (e.g. #097; etc.) which is also bad.

    Looks like I’ll have to fully switch back to WINDOWS-1257…

    Samme issue here with Debian Sarge, Apache 2, MySQL 4.1 and WP1.5.

    Hannah S.


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    I’ve also got the same problems with stuff like: é, ï, etc.

    Apache ?, PHP 4.?, WP 1.5



    Had the same problems with my own forum and unicode lately, but thankfully I found this in the PHP online manual:

    “If you experience weird problems, like some UTF-8 characters (the Unicode character &#x010D and a few others in my case) seemingly being changed to garbage by mysql_query, you may need to do something like this before your actual query:

    mysql_query(“SET NAMES ‘utf8′”, $conn);

    So is this being done by WordPress? I think not because there are plenty of posts about the same issue. Any developer comments..?



    I don’t think it’s WP.
    More likely something with the server’s settings.
    Check out the second post from above (Font test):



    The latvian characters look OK on your WP.

    Anyway I haven’t still figured out what the problem really is, but that query definitely helps.

    Hi i think it is still WP, because if i enter a Blogname directly inti the database with phpMyadmin, then it shows correcly until i let display it with WP. Afther that i check this again in phpMyadmin the entries are wrong again.
    i use WAMP on XP.

    I correct my post above, since my blog is uploaded, everything is fine.
    Tha problem is in WinXP and WAMP.

    Here is a solution.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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