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    First off,

    I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a blogging afficianado. I have experiance with HTML and other coding and internet projects.

    Also this is my first day using WP (I did a brief search for a solution to my topic in the forums and didn’t immediately find one. So my appologies if this is a simple fix/already discussed to death.)

    My problem seems to be a problem with the “write” portion of the admin program.

    When I click to create a new post I’m given the visual option. I can click in the text box to create a title and tags.

    But the primary text box for Body is “unclickable”. I can’t put text in it.

    The title and tag box are grey shaded. And I have the text cursor available. Yet when I hover over the Visual Post section (white in background color) I just recieve the normal pointer cursor.

    On another probably related note:

    Under the catagory tab on the right. If I try to create a catagory (“Test” for example), and then I click ‘ADD’. The text disappears but it doesn’t seem to have added to the list.

    Thanks in advance for your advice on how to solve this problem.

    Edit: Other important information. I’m using Internet Explorer 7. Windows VISTA.

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  • Ok I did a little more searching and a little more testing.

    This is what I’ve found:

    When I load firefox this isn’t a problem. So it seems to be an IE7 conflict.

    Also, I found another topic on this exact issue with no response. Are there no answers out there for this issue?

    Now the easy fix would be to change primary browsers. But I do like IE7 (I know I’m in the minority). Are there any patches out there to make this work with IE7?

    Thanks in advance.


    Are you, by chance, disabling javascript in IE? Any local firewall or security suites that might be doing that?

    I’ll confess that lately I use IE7 more than FF, and I’ve not experienced your issue.

    Thanks for the reply! That may have been it. The problem has been resolved. 😀

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