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  • Before I go into the detail I would like to say that in spite of all the problems of this plugin that the Lingotek team sincerely attempted to assist me in resolving my issues, they were relatively prompt and made a good attempt to get this to work.


    My experience with the plugin has been a disaster ! I have a very very simple site with the Avada theme, 12 pages with all the standard bells and whistles. I did a FULL BACKUP prior to proceeding as this plugin makes some real and fundamental changes to your site that make rolling back a absolute necessity and something I have now done for the 4th time to get my site back to where it was 3 long weeks ago.

    The reviews say it all, the plugin just does not work, I followed as much of the online help files to install, setup and translate. I even had to integrate with Google machine learning as all the translation Lingotek had to do with the roll back of my site exceed their word translation maximum limit.

    Duplicated pages, pages disappearing, pages that are supposed to be in my default language being the translated language, my home page in the foreign language and more… we got it close at one point but by trying to get a page that had disappeared back I ended up with 3 version of most of my pages on the site duplicated, where I had no idea which was the original, which one pointed to my menus etc…. a mess

    Have now uninstalled completely and will find another solution elsewhere or resort to doing this manually by duplicating pages…a pain but better than a well constructed website ending up a major mess.

    One point that frustrated me was support stuck on saying that I individually translated one of the pages when it was selected as a foreign language, no matter how many times I said that I was in the default language and applied the same changes to all the pages at once so there was no way this could have happend, they kept banging on the same drum saying I had done something wrong…never a good sign.

    Pity this plugin could have been great, it is simply now unusable.

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