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  • I use Firfox so I always see the preview of my blog on Firefox, I saw my site with IE, and it was horrible!, dont know why, then I saw it on Opera and it looked almost like Firefox but the body part is a little to the left, and I don’t know how to fix it, the other thing is that in the footer are two smile faces like this:
    I don’t know why, I checked a lot of the themes files, puglins, and I didn’t find anything
    I don’t care if it looks horrible on IE, beacuse I sucks, But I wan’t to fix the Opera bugs, can u help me?
    I use the theme: not so fresh
    And i use this plugins:
    Brian’s Latest Comments
    Darren’s Related Posts plugin
    Google Sitemaps
    Optimal Title
    Popularity Contest
    SRG Clean Archives
    Ultimate Tag Warrior Stats
    WordPress Database Backup

    I add a few things to my blog, like adsense, u can see it on

    Probably one of this things is causing this

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  • one of the smiley faces will be from stats, dont no about the other one. Try disabling your plugins in one by one and you will find which other one it is.

    Also i would worry about IE, if your sites viewers are like mine, then over 50% will use IE, so id address it.

    you can use different style sheets that are browser dependent.

    Thanks, the smiles were because the stats plugin, do u know how to delete them? because it’s a very good plugin and I want to use it

    unfortunately i have no idea, i dont use the plugin, but i know it puts on the smiley faces!

    keep this thread going, im sure someone will no who uses it.

    in the mean time, have a look in the plugin php file, and see if you can see the smiley, it is probably hard coded, so you might be able to delete it. just a thought.

    Start by validating your HTML. Opera/Firefox are *both* very standards compatible – Opera a little moreso. You need ot be sure everything is validated and semantic, and then work out your CSS bugs in Opera. Chances are, once you fix them there, they’ll be fine in everything else but IE. Use conditional comments to serve IE the proper styling (usually won’t take much to do so.)

    The smileyface is an image – comes from your WordPress stats. My guess is that the smiley face is hard-coded into the WordPress script, which means you probably can’t remove it. Not a big deal, though – I wouldn’t have even known it was there if you hadn’t said something – and even so, I had to look hard to see it. But if you *really* want it to be “invisible” just try adding a div around the script and setting it to “visibility:hidden;” in your stylesheet.

    Thank u all!, I fix almost all the problems, I still have one however, in IE, the menu in the indx page is down the posts, it’s very strange, but if u change to a post page It will be normal :S

    I found the code wich shows the faces
    // Plant the tracking code in the footer
    add_action( ‘wp_footer’, ‘stats_footer’, 101 );

    anyone knows how to edit it?

    You can’t edit that line. That’s what actually places the tracker in your footer. If you edit it, you’ll remove the functionality you need to keep.

    As I said, just place a div around th script, and set the div to “visibility:hidden” and it’ll hide the image.

    As for your sidebar dropping, something is too wide. I have an article on this. It’s a common issue.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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