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    I’m sorry, but the redesigned interface is, in my opinion, a step backward. It’s harder to use, and requires more clicks to do certain things (like editing a meta value)…

    But one BIG problem is that it appears the ability to ADD an existing meta key to a user who doesn’t have that meta key has been removed. Or if it hasn’t been removed, I can’t figure out how to do it using the new interface.

    To clarify – I’m not talking about creating a new meta key. We’ve created a meta key, which we’re assigning to SOME users (but not all). Then, in certain cases, I need to manually add this meta key to other users. Now I can’t, and this poses a major problem for the way our app works.

    Two Requests:

    1) Is there any way to add an existing meta key to a user who doesn’t have that key yet (as was possible before)? If so, how??

    2) Would you consider reverting to the old interface design?

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  • Plugin Author President McCheese


    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    There IS method to the madness, regarding the last changes to this plugin.

    1. Thickbox had to be eliminated because it wasn’t compatible with some working environments. The Thickbox overlay created a critical accessibility issue for some users.
    2. I purposefully removed the option to add meta keys for individual users because that feature was unnecessary, and somewhat unsafe. Having odd meta keys floating around just doesn’t seem logical. ALL users should have the SAME meta keys. However, these meta keys can contain different, unique values if needed. For all practical purposes, apps should always be designed to use meta VALUES to determine uniqueness of members, membership levels, access restriction, etc..

    To add meta, use the “Add Custom Meta” button. The key will be added to ALL users. Then, edit the key for the users which need a unique value. Really, it’s only one extra step to add the key to all users, and then edit the values.

    Can you describe your app for me? What is it’s purpose, and how does it work?

    My use of custom meta keys is probably a bit more complicated than most. I can describe it to you in detail privately – brian at casjam dot com. It involves WP multisite, e-commerce/subscriptions and other things.

    So it’s disappointing that you would just remove a piece of functionality like that. A plugin like this one can be used it so many different ways for so many types of applications. What seems “unnecessary” to you could be essential for others.

    Would you please consider adding back it back in?

    Plugin Author President McCheese


    Okay Brian, I’ll see what needs to be done to safely reimplement that feature.

    I’ll also come up with some ideas for reducing the number of steps it requires to edit meta data.

    In version 2.0, added an additional step which requires the user to select from a menu a meta key to edit. This extra step was intended to prevent users from unintentionally overwriting meta data. Previous versions listed all meta fields on one screen, but that increased the chance for user error.

    Plugin Author President McCheese


    Version 2.0.5 makes these changes.

    Thanks Jason! Nicely done on the reimplementation. And thanks for the quick response too!

    You’re right – v 2.0 does help reduce mistakes. The thing that tripped me up a few times in v 1.x was I accidentally edited meta data for ALL users rather than a single user. That sucked. But 2.x does improve that.

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