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    Dear people: I’m in love with customify, but I got some problems with the read more button, the comment area and the feeds area, and hope you can help me. I’m using the pagebuilder site origin.
    About the read more, I have two kinds of problems:
    The first is that, if I use the theme customization, I have only two options: show the button in all posts and don’t show. If I define “show the button” (and I like the button!), it will be there always, even in posts that don’t have more text to read. But if I define “don’t show”, I’m not able to use the read more tag in the text editor, no matter what. Is there a way to decide post by post if I want the button or not? The second problem, that is linked with the first, is that if I define “show the button” and then use siteorigin text editor, my post will have two instances of “read more”, one with the button and the other without! I got a workaround that sounds dumb even to me and I’m a newbie: I write the post in customify editor, then use the pagebuilder to include the widgets and so on. After it’s saved (with two read more), I revert to customify editor and save it again. Is there a better way to do it? You can see it in my test site

    About the comment, is there a way to change it? Part of the text is in english (the site is brazilian), and I got a line saying “logged as” that I don’t intend to have. The site is not a commercial one and anyone can comment (I moderate) without logging.

    About the feeds, they’re okay, but I want to reduce the font, they look too big in the page.

    Thank you!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi @arutha176,

    First of all, thank you for using our theme!

    About the read more button on the blog page, unfortunately, there is no way to decide a post will show read more button or don’t show. Either you show the read more button for all posts or not.
    The second problem, try to add this to Customize => Additional CSS to remove the read more link from siteorigin:
    .posts-layout .more-link { display: none; }

    About the comment text, I recommend you use this plugin to translate these texts into your language:

    Also, add this to Additional CSS to reduce the font size of Feeds widget:
    .widget-area .widget_rss ul li .rsswidget { font-size: 15px; }

    Hope it helps!

    Finally got time to look at your recommendations! Thank you very much for the helpful answer!
    The css for posts-layout worked very well in the sense that now I have only one instance of read more (yours, that is nicer than the original!). Buuut… I got a gap the size of a full line between the last line of text and the button. Is there a way to make it stick with the text? I hope you don’t find me too finicky, but the older posts, where I didn’t use the page builder, have the read more button beautifully aligned…
    The widget css worked marvelously!!!

    About the comment text, now it is showing in Portuguese (I didn’t do anything, so it’s kind of magic), but it is horrible and I would like to change the text, because it is repetitive and doesn’t sound Brazilian at all. See, there are three lines and a button.
    First line says: “Deixe uma resposta” (“leave an answer”, which doesn’t make sense because it is a post not a question or a form, right?)
    Second line says: “Conectado como arutha. Fazer logout?” (“Connected as arutha. Log out?” And I don’t want this line at all)
    Third line says: “COMENTÁRIO” (“Comment”, not the verb but the noun. It somewhat repeats the first line and at the same time is wrong, because it is not telling the reader to comment, but saying that something, presumably the space bellow, is a comment, what looks very strange)
    and finally the button says: “PUBLICAR COMENTÁRIO” (“publish comment”, and here I think that using only the word “publish”, not in caps and not so big, would be nicer and better.
    Can you help me with this or tell me who I should be asking? At this moment I’m a little confused about exactly what is customify, what is wp and what is page builder.
    Sorry to bother you!

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    Hello there,

    1. Please add this to remove the full line gap between text & button:
    #pg-494-0 { margin-bottom: 0 !important; }

    2. About the comment text, as in my previous reply, I recommend you use this plugin to translate these texts into your language:

    – First line says: “Deixe uma resposta” (“leave an answer”, which doesn’t make sense because it is a post not a question or a form, right?)
    => It is just a comment form heading, if you don’t want to show, just add this:
    .comments-area .comment-reply-title { display: none; }

    – Second line says: “Conectado como arutha. Fazer logout?” (“Connected as arutha. Log out?” And I don’t want this line at all)
    => It only shows when you logged in. So no worry.

    – The “Comment” and “publish comment” are default text of WordPress comment form.
    You can use the Loco to translate again.

    – What is WordPress? => Read more:
    – What is Customify? => It is a WordPress theme:
    – What is a page builder? => It is a WordPress plugin:

    Hope it helps!

    Thank you, it worked like a charm! Gap is gone!

    And thank you again about the comments explanations. I will use the css and try locotranslate this night, and eventually go through the wp documentation about comment styling!

    It’s dawning on me that with customify I really don’t need any kind of page builder for simple posts…

    I do have another question about images in the mobile and broken title words. It’s best if I open another topic?

    You are really helpful! Thanks!

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    Yes. You can open a new ticket 🙂

    hello, i have a related problem. i have customify installed, and it blocks some plugins. I can’t use loco translate, do you know how i can make it works?

    thank you very much

    Sorry people, just forgot to close the topic as solved. Thank you again for all the fantastic help you gave me!

    @ahoraajedrez, if I understand wordpress ways rightly, you should open your own topic. The you will be sure to have a quicker answer. I didn’t got to try locotranslate (yet!), then I can’t help you. On the other hand, I didn’t find any plugin that would be blocked by customify, and I spent a lot of time trying things. Sometimes two plugins with the same functionality would conflict and at least once I installed a plugin that required a php version higher than the one I had.

    good luck!

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