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    I love the plugin but have the following two problems since the latest update:
    1. My list of subscribers (about 1489) is now showing with larger spaces in between them like they are double spaced or something instead of single spaced.
    2. To my horror, my automatic goes out once daily and the last two have the post excerpts but no hyperlinks for the posts at all!

    Please can you help me? Thank you:-)

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  • @leadology,

    1. The layout is changed completely and the table is going to look like that now. The advantage of doing it this way is search becomes easier and sorting becomes possible and it’s all done through a core WordPress class to it looks similar to all other core tables (like posts and users).

    2. That’s a know issue and is fixed for the next version. Are you using the free or HTML version? If the free version you can get the fix now by obtaining the class-s2-core.php from the development code.

    Hi Mattyrob,

    Thank you very much for the fast response. I now understand why the table looks different. I was just putting the changes I noticed out there in the hope that it might help solve my problem. Of course, the no hyperlink to posts is major.

    I have the free version and I see you have a link to something in your support reply. Will it have instructions on how I do the fix for the hyperlinks?

    You are very much appreciated:-)

    I have downloaded the link you supplied. Now can you give me simple instructions on what to do with it please? Thank you:-)


    In order to use the file you have 2 options really.

    1/ FTP

    Use FTP software (like the free FileZilla) to dial into your sites files.
    Find the wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/classes/ folder
    Upload the new file you’ve downloaded over-writing the existing file

    2/ Plugin Editor

    You could also use the WordPress plugin editor to locate this same file and then copy and paste the contents of the new file over it.

    I’d generally recommend the first approach as it’s safer.

    Thank you! I am going to try number 1. Will that change any of my settings I have in place now?


    Nope, neither method would affect any settings.

    Thank you. I hope this fixes my link problems as well.

    HI Mattyrob,

    I am thinking I might want to try #2 instead of your explanation above. Seems much less complex to me. Anyway, I don’t see a file named exactly like you have up above. I have these instead:

    Can you please walk me through the right path to take here?

    Thank you, M:-)


    This one:

    Thank you. I am going to give it a whirl and see what happens:-) Can you also provide me a link to your premium version? Thanks:-)

    Well that failed miserably. I am unable to work with the file link you have above. All it did was lock up my computer. Can you give me some guidance help please?


    Subscribe2 HTML is here.

    As for the edit, step by step:

    1. Get the linked file above and open it in an editor, it should have nice line breaks and be readable (it may not make sense but it’s not one huge blob).
    2. Navigate the WordPress plugin editor to subscribe2/classes/class-s2-core.php
    3. Select all of the text in that editor window and delete it
    4. Switch to your editor window from step one and copy the content to the clipboard (Ctrl-c)
    5. Switch back to WordPress and paste into the now empty window (ctrl-v)
    6. Save the changes
    7. Done

    It looks like your instructions worked! I sent a test though to myself and it only showed my last post of about two hours ago although it did have the link in it. usually i send it once a day and it sends all i have done for that day which is usually around 15-20.

    Regardless, I am thrilled and much appreciative of all of your support Mattyrob:-) You have a fan bigtime now:-) mark


    The preview posts is set to send just the last post as an example so it seems we might have fixed it for you 🙂

    AWESOME SUPPORT!!!!! I am thrilled with the help that Mattyrob provided to us while working with one of our favorite and most useful plugins. Thank you very much Mattyrob. You Rock!!

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