Problems with the MORE tag and photos (2 posts)

  1. silvina5
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi, I read the post about the More tag but didn't help. Since I updated my wordpress blog to the latest (2.8) it is giving me conflicts withe the MORE tag and the photos.

    Before I updated to the latest version I didn't have problems with the More tag and photos, sometimes I had sonme problems with the More tag when it was in between <div> and </div>, but nothing else. Now, wherever there is a post with photos and the More tag it puts everything highleated as a link, and if I remove the photos everything is allright. But the weirdest thing is that if I get in the post, this looks alright.

    Could anyone help me with this? This is the link to my blog: http://www.popdelos80.com/
    for some of the posts i've removed the More tag. You can see how it looks like with this problem in the second post: I.O.U. – Freeez.

    Thanks in advanced,

  2. completeusability
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Same problem here... moving to support.

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