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    With the latest update of Genesis Featured Widget Amplified, featured posts were not appearing properly. It messed up the layout of my blog.

    I tried to tinker with the options, but nothing seemed to work. I tried to deactivate the plugin, but couldn’t reactivate it again. It said I needed Genesis 1.9 or higher, which is odd because I have the latest version. 😐

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Nick the Geek


    I need to check the logic for the activation check. Can I get more info on what wa wrong with the layout.

    All the featured images appeared in one column. Didn’t seem to follow the parameters set like image size. Alignment of post titles moved to the left. Typefaces were changed.

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t check it now because the plugin is deactivated.

    I’m having the same issues, I can no longer select how many thumbnails to display across the page, they are all showing full width (even if I change the image size they are stretching to full width).

    It’s also lost all of my settings on the update 🙁

    Thanks so much, it was an awesome plugin.

    Plugin Author Nick the Geek


    @quingdom I’ll work on replicating it this evening but if you’d like to use the start of the 0.9.1 release you should be able to activate without any problems.

    Then you can help me with more information about the widget settings etc so I can get this resolved more quickly.

    The file should be available in the GitHub repo here

    You may need to unzip it to rename the folder then zip it to install it or upload via FTP.

    So far the only change is that I removed the activation hook to check the version of Genesis and instead have it using the genesis_init hook, which is much better over all and ensures the theme is Genesis or a child theme and has the added benefit of genesis_init ensuring the minimum Genesis version.

    TLDR; it will activate now but doesn’t have any changes to fix the layout issue.

    Plugin Author Nick the Geek


    @tamingtwinsblog I’m very sorry to hear it is causing you trouble too. I’m hoping to have a working fix this evening after work. 🙂

    Plugin Author Nick the Geek


    I”m going to have to hold on a fix for this until I can replicate it. Ideally a screen shot of the widget settings and even better a link to view it as “broken” would really help. I’ve just spend an hour trying to jump from an older version to the current version and otherwise replicate this but it seems to work for me each time. It may be a specific setting or the theme or a few other things that I’m not accounting for but it is aligning images and using the correct image size for me.

    Sorry this isn’t a super quick fix, but I will get it solved once I have the info I need to replicate it. I’m just hesitant to make a change that could break sites that are working without being able to test the parameters.

    I’ve temporarily reverted back to the featured post widget of the Foodie Theme and it seems to work just fine. You may check the site of @tamingtwinsblog ( You’ll see that the photos are stretched to full width making the images appear pixelated.

    I’ll try to do the workaround you recommended to activate the plugin.

    Thank you!

    I was able to successfully activate the plugin, but it’s still not working properly. 🙁

    Here’s a screenshot of the settings:

    Here’s a screenshot of how it appears:

    Here’s a screenshot of how it’s supposed to appear (I’m using the Foodie Theme plugin here):

    Plugin Author Nick the Geek


    @quingdom Thanks, I see that the images are too large and it is using a srcset for the images instead of the standard src.

    I did some experimenting and it seems the issue is the setting is set to “full size” … rather the setting is coming up empty. Can you check the widget to make sure the correct image size is selected and save please. It may require making a change then changing it back so it will let you save correctly.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve updated the method of getting image sizes so it will pull in all the image sizes including displaying full width as an option in the updated version I linked to above. I just pushed that up a few minutes ago so if you have already downloaded it, that will not have the change so you’ll want to download it again and replace the version you’ve added to the site.

    Plugin Author Nick the Geek


    @quingdom sorry I saw your latest update after I submitted.

    The alignment issue is likely because foodie is an HTML5 theme. The HTML markup in the plugin is different from what the theme expects.

    Is there a chance there was a modified version of the plugin on the site prior to the update?

    I am working on a version that will support HTML5 but it is not likely to be ready for a while yet.

    Plugin Author Nick the Geek


    @quingdom and @tamingtwinsblog ok, I was able to narrow this down.

    The Genesis Featured Widget Amplified plugin did not change it’s markup or output. However, it did change the timing and manner in which the Widget was registered.

    With GFWA 0.8.2 and older the widget registered late enough that the Foodie Pro – Featured Post widget was loaded in place of the GFWA widget.

    Since the GFWA widget does not support HTML5 themes like Foodie and since it was not actually loading output, my recommendation is to deactivate the Genesis Featured Widget Amplified plugin in favor of the Foodie Pro – Featured Posts widget built into the theme.

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