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    I bought the Pro Pack for a few features including the Slim template. I automatically installed/uploaded the zip file, and it worked.. sort of. It didn’t add a template anywhere, but instead, it just adds the CSS file directly into the page just before where I put my shortcode. This make it impossible to modify anything in the CSS that has already been defined.

    I then uninstalled everything and did it manually (created connections_template folder in wp_content), but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. It is still embedding inline CSS into my pages.

    I’ve now spent 3 hours screwing with this, which makes me angry since I bought that plugin to SAVE time, not waste it. What is going on? Would this have anything to do with Multisite?

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    First, this conversation since it relates to an add-on for Connections is probably best done on the support forums found here: But lets get you some answers first.

    Whether a site is single of multisite has no bearing where the CSS is placed in page. It will always be place where it is. The CSS declarations are actually override-able. I do it all the time for others. You have three options for altering the CSS. Edit the actual template styles.css file, which is probably the most efficient but would be lost in template upgrades. Add rules to override the default rules to the theme’s custom CSS area if it has one. Or, alternatively, add it to the end of the theme’s style.css file. The middle option is likely the safest.

    Can you share a link and a style you would like to change? I’ll give you the CSS you need to make the change.

    Now, where multisite does matter is where the connections_templates folder is created, you have to adjust your path for the correct blog_id. If you’re seeing the template and the CSS it definitely installed correctly.

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