[resolved] Problems with Tag / Tag URL (www.site.com/tag/TAGNAME) does not work (2 posts)

  1. RaphaelDDL
    Posted 7 years ago #


    I made a theme for my company and everything went smooth. But now that i'm adding the News from the previous website version, when i was adding some tags, i noticed that the link does not work.

    So, mysite.com/tag/TAGNAME instead of showing all posts with the following tag, just shows my index o.O

    I made a different index approach. I needed a Static Page but i did not liked that thing of setting a page created in WP as Static so i made my index already with code to seem like a Static. (I damn miss the home.php :/)

    So, the website url (for demonstration): http://gsm.raphaelddl.com

    As you can see, there is a featured banner and then, the news(blog) posts date and name. But when i click in any Tag (at posts or at WP-Cumulus), the url is gsm.raphaelddl.com/tag/TAGNAME but just show the index.. I even configured to blog page as 'Noticias' (News in portuguese) but no luck. Noticias works fine btw.

    Here is my index code:
    (i removed the inline code in this post since PHP calls were buggy o.O)

    By the way, i'm using Exec-PHP so i tried use the WP thing of setting a page as Static and i added the middle of this code (where shoes the content only) but bugged everything! (after the post dates/names, started posting the entire post, all posts o.O)

    Sorry for the long post but it's a kinda specific problem so maximum information is better.

  2. RaphaelDDL
    Posted 7 years ago #

    So, to whoever get this error, the thing is copying the blog template file (in my case, archives.php) and renaming it to tag.php and category.php

    This way, it works lol

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