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  • I have my client’s site setup to work with SAML, and if I start from the IdP (which happens to be Okta, but I’m not sure that matters), I have no problems at all getting into the site (other than what I’ve mentioned in other places).

    However, I cannot get WP to redirect to the IdP when trying to access a secure resource. All I get is an empty login page with a redirect_to query string back to (in this case) wp-admin.

    Now, there are two possibly complicating factors in this:

    1. Everything, including the homepage, is secured. This is a publicly accessible site that is accessible only to employees
    2. Okta does not provide a URL for its metadata, it provides static markup

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  • Hi All,

    I too have a similar issue as above.

    I have given the Identity Provider details like Single Sign On URL, Single Sign On Logout etc., and generated the certificate for the service provider type using the check box that will generate a self-signed certificate.

    After this when tried to access the my-url/wp-admin i see that i am redirected to an empty page with the redirect path as wp-admin as explained above.

    Adam van den Hoven, have you got any solution to the above problem?

    try going into your database and look for the option entry for the plugin. Delete them and recreate them correctly. The problem was that I had incorrectly set my settings originally and the plugin doesn’t reset them well. otherwise look for a url that is obviously a placeholder and change it to something that matches your setup

    Adam, I actually have limited access to the database of my application.

    So i am not so sure if i can change the settings from the back end.

    Will you be able to share the screen shot of your settings page in “Identity Provider” and “Service Provider” tabs.

    I think i am making mistake with the settings.

    Also can we configure the plug-in in local XAMPP environment?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nithin Kumar,

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