• Guys, I’m going slightly mad ’cause I’m still struggeling with the own account tab thing. So please, I need your help…

    I’m using UM 2.0.25 free version with WP 4.9.8

    I’m looking for a solution to save a custom field on an extended account tab. The code I’ve found here doesn’t work properly: https://gist.github.com/champsupertramp/c1f6d83406e9e0425e9e98aaa36fed7d

    add_action('um_after_account_general', 'showUMExtraFields', 100);
    function showUMExtraFields() {
      $id = um_user('ID');
      $output = '';
      $names = array('phone_number', 'company');
      $fields = array(); 
      foreach( $names as $name )
        $fields[ $name ] = UM()->builtin()->get_specific_field( $name );
      $fields = apply_filters('um_account_secure_fields', $fields, $id);
      foreach( $fields as $key => $data )
        $output .= UM()->fields()->edit_field( $key, $data );
      echo $output;
    add_action('um_account_pre_update_profile', 'getUMFormData', 100);
    function getUMFormData(){
      $id = um_user('ID');
      $names = array('phone_number', 'company');
      foreach( $names as $name )
        update_user_meta( $id, $name, $_POST[$name] );

    After updating the custom field the meta_value is “0” or “1” but not the value of my custom field.

    So where is the mistake?

    Thanks a lot for help in advance!!

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  • I’ve got exactly the same problem.
    Seems like custom fields are not custom meta.
    Meaning update_user_meta() save on extra information that can be retrieve with get_user_meta()
    I’ve opened a topic to get the good information on how to save custom fields retrievable by using um_user(‘name_of_field’)
    Will post the answer when I’ll found it.
    Or if someone has it, please post it ?

    Found it.
    To save / update field value into profile account, you need to call update_profile from user class :

    global $ultimatemember;
    $user_id = um_user('ID');
    $toupdate[] = array('name_of_field' => 'its_value');
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    Hi @wptechnology,

    thanks a lot for your reply and please excuse my late reply.

    Where should I enter your part in the code above?

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