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    I attempted to move a wordpress site to a different URL than the one I created it on and I inadvertently scrambled up the directories and need help sorting things out.

    In fact, I have become resigned to just wiping everything clean and starting all over, however this is not so easy as just deleting the databases from their two respective servers and re-installing them, Alas. (Why? I do not know, though my efforts failed.)

    Without too much backstory, let me just present the facts of the matter in order that I can receive a nuts and bolts strategy to correct the problem:

    On each of the two wordpress sites –each with their own discreet username and password– I have set the the WordPress address (URL) and the Site address (URL) to point to each other. By that I mean, the old site points to the new one and the new one points to the old one. Can you say endless loop?

    I’m sure the burning question you have is how I could possibly manage to have gotten into such a predicament, and I promise to reveal all once I have received a corrective to my problem (I promise).

    Meanwhile, my question is, how can I:
    A. go into the backend and access the hmtl/php to change where the two URL’s point (without having to confront the front end of WP which I am locked out of)
    B. Completely delete the two databases so I can start over fresh
    C. Correct the situation in some unforeseen manner which I leave open to you to suggest.

    It goes without saying that I am anxious to correct this as the site has been down for a few days. With that said, I am at your mercy and therefore will be as patient as is necessary to correct things.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • You can change the URL settings back in a number of ways without admin access – the functions file method is easiest IMHO –

    You might also want to review:

    If you still want to delete everything, ask your hosts for help with the database issue.

    Brilliant! Thanks so much. I went ahead and changed the functions file for the first domain and it worked like a charm.

    Now I am going to try and delete the second database manually and go the the process of trying to export the site from the first domain to the second.

    Your speedy reply made my day –Cheers!

    Hello again,

    I have successfully transferred the database from my old domain to my new domain and imported the xml file that was generated from the first domain upon exporting it.

    Now all of the content from the old domain appears at the new url and I have no troubles accessing the dashboard at the new domain.

    The weird thing is though, while all of the pages appear to be populated with the content from the old domain when visiting the new url, the pages that I can access through the dashboard of the new domain appear totally unpopulated.

    This would seem to be an indicator that the new url is pointing back to the old domain and what I am seeing is not on the new domain at all, but only coming through from the old domain.

    I successfully imported the xml from the old domain but am confused at how I can be assured that what I am looking at on the new domain is actually on the new domain and not pointing to the old domain.


    What are the nameserver settings set to? Or post the URL’s in question?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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