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  • Plugin Contributor Mr Papa


    Did you follow the upgrade instructions for 6.0?

    In particular, the part about custom themes:

    Can you confirm that you are using a custom theme? If not, did you upgrade your SP themes and plugins?

    That’s your standard theme. Course I did not upgrade it it after upgrading to SP6, because there is no upgrade URL for it.

    Also all old SP plugins don’t work anymore. Is there a way to upgrade them too?

    I have followed the upgrade procedure unless the following 3 steps:

    – Navigate to the FORUMS menu option
    – Click the UPGRADE button to run the upgrade process (this will likely take a few mins to complete)
    – Next, proceed to the THEME and PLUGIN update section below – you will need to install at least one 6.0 compatible theme before you are able to view your forum on the front-end.

    Because there is no “UPGRADE” button on the “Forums” page.

    Is there a way to re-run the upgrade process?

    Now I see. SimplePress 6 is a fully commercial plugin now – your customers have to pay for all themes (even the basic one), for extensions etc. You should warn about it in the announce. I’ve rolled back to the previous version.

    Plugin Contributor Mr Papa


    that is not a correct statement… if you had a plugin or theme before, you can continue to use it… just have to update it to the 6.0 compatible version… and that can happen in the wp upgrader just like before… and the themes that were free in 5.x are still free in 6.x… you can even see that here:

    Everything I see at that link is paid to me (except the SimplePress plugin itself). And yes, I’m logged in.

    Also I haven’t find any upgrade options for themes and plugins on the Forums page as it’s written in the upgrade manual.

    When I go to I see this:

    OOPS! Looks like you we messed up and you got directed to an old themes page. Premium Themes.

    So no, I won’t try to upgrade to version 6 anymore. SimplePress 5.7 is a great plugin and I like it, but version 6 I would not recommend to anyone. Now you charge for every standard forum function. Look at your prices here:

    $29-$93 for the “Subscriptions (Email Notifications For Users)” forum function, $29-$93 for the “Forum Search” function, $19-$61 for the “Report Post” function etc… For real???

    Plugin Support nigel01


    @cyberseo – did you follow the instructions in the upgrade document located here? It includes instructions for upgrading themes and plugins – there are two different sections depending on when you first purchased your themes/plugins.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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