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    I’m getting an Intermittent issue with some uses of Expander strings.
    In some uses the intros/questions are not appearing.

    If you inspect the element the following code is being served – with element.sytle {display: none;} overriding the a appearance.

    Here should be the intro paragraph

    Line 65 from the php file – something to do with it?

    $new_string = ‘‘ . $sdesc . ‘‘ . “\n”;

    It’s fine on some page and also fine on most occasions if you refresh the page.

    I’m wondering if it may be a plugin conflict, so I’ve tried deleting any old/superfluous ones. No result.

    I’m a javascript novice, I’m afriad to say.


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  • Sorry code as follows.

    <a class="wpex-link" style="display: none;" id="wpexlink1568527662" href="javascript:expand(document.getElementById('wpex1568527662'))"><strong>How will the court decide who gets what?</strong></a>

    php code
    <$new_string = '<a class="wpex-link" style="display: none;" id="wpexlink' . $rnum . '" href="javascript:expand(document.getElementById(\'wpex' . $rnum . '\'))">' . $sdesc . '</a>' . "\n";>



    Give me a link to your site so I can inspect the source. It may be a conflict, yes.



    The latest version fixes this, as the entire codebase has been refactored. Marking as resolved.

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