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  • Hi, I have installed again wordpress, I have created a new bbdd and I have installed again the theme and woocommerce plugin but I still have the same problem. The price is 15,55€ and its look like 15,00€. I have created another product with offer price and looks well.
    Please, it’s very important for me if you can help me.

    I’ve not ignored this, I just can’t think of whatever the hell is happening! Did you try changing the currency for another, to see if the problem persists with dollars or GBP as well as euro?
    It might be time to buy into a theme, or an addon for woocommerce, and so gain access to their support forums, so that you can submit a ticket for help. I’m about to do the same thing myself, for a problem removing a sidebar that I simply can’t track down. It’s got to be a price -v- time thing really – how much time are you prepared to invest trying to find solutions here in, time which you could use earning money from your client, rather than go straight to the horses mouth and ask woocommerce themselves? For me, that point was passed long ago, and I’ve only pressed on WITHOUT buying an addon (that I don’t really need or want, but just to get at support) out of sheer bloodymindedness.
    I know that’s not helping you and I’m sorry about that. I only hope that when we DO go to woocommerce for help, they actually give it!

    Hi travellers.I think that I have found where is the problem. I have delete woocommerce and I have installed jigoshop and now the prices is correct.

    Now, I have to configure everything again but my prices look well. If all is ok I’ll tell you.

    Thank you very much


    have to agree with travellers. nothing jumps out at me either since i can’t replicate your problem and i can’t really dig in further w/ getting into your site, and/or downloading your theme files.

    if this is a client project ( i presume you are getting paid ) it makes sense to hire a developer or even more sensible to pay for Woo support. I’ve always found the woo team to be very helpful. i know WP and WooCommerce are “free” but you are paying for knowledge here in order to save time.

    you also might’ve found a bug, so do report it at

    I have a similar problem. As I work in Swedish kronor, I don´t use decimals. But I lose the trailing zeros at the confirm phase in my shop.

    Let´s say I price a product to 100 kr. Everything looks good in the shop page, in the product page, if I put a product in my cart and when I show the cart. But after my order, in the order confirmation on screen and in the confirmation e-mail the amuont lost its zeros an says the price is 1 kr!!! The total sum is correct, the tax is correct but NOT the price.

    What can I do? Is it a bug?


    I found the problem!!!

    In Settings>Product Catalog>Price alternative>Number of decimals, you can´t put “0” or leave the box empty.

    When I tried with 2 decimals and checked the “Remove zeros”, it all works as it should.

    Happy Face

    i’d say there is a bug of some sort. i’d report it at github. the woo team is back from their trip/vacation and is responding to issues again.

    I had a look at that github thing after you mentioned it in a different post. I have tried, honestly, but I’m afraid I still haven’t the faintest idea what it actually IS! I’m sure it isn’t intentionally complicated, but it might as well be in Hindu for all the sense it makes to me 🙁

    @travellers – it might help if i put the right link:

    you need to be a user, but otherwise for reporting bugs it shouldn’t be any different from posting a forum post here.

    and btw- something i think git IS intentionally complicated! 🙂 i have struggled to get my head around it for development.

    i’m having the same problem here when the price is 13,40 it says in cart 13 what can i do?



    Did you try @cyberbengt‘s solution from a few posts up



    I just found the solution somewhere else on the net.

    Even if you select a comma as a decimal separator, you still have to use the dot when entering price or tax or whatever in Woocommerce.

    Now it works as it should.
    Me happy. 😀



    Thanks for posting back. That’s a really good point. All back-end prices use the decimal separator ( because PHP int or intval functions will just strip the comma and what comes after ) and the comma separator is only for front-facing display.

    To use comma (or anything else) as decimal separator without problems, just put this in your functions.php:

    function site_woocommerce_get_price($price, $product) {
    $decimal_sep = wp_specialchars_decode(stripslashes(get_option(‘woocommerce_price_decimal_sep’)), ENT_QUOTES);
    if ($decimal_sep != ‘.’)
    $price = str_replace($decimal_sep, ‘.’, $price);

    return $price;
    add_filter(‘woocommerce_get_price’, ‘site_woocommerce_get_price’, 10, 2);

    I reported this issue for WooCommerce dev team here:

    @leandro Martins Guimarães

    You sir, are a real genius. I think it is essential to be able to put prices with country-specific separators, especially for client websites. So thank you very much.

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