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  • I downloaded it, bought it

    then noticed several issues like

    1. It wont let you post to more than 1 category at a time, i have tested this on countless wordpress installs.. both manual and through fantastico.. and i know its not wordpress as ive logged into wordpress admin and can do it there.. so its the software

    2. It craps out on your at times when your posting and gives a CANT POST SO CLOSED GRACEFULLY ERROR

    other than that its a very good bit of software.. just a pain on the category thing as im having to post thne log in and set category.. so i might aswell just post from wordpress

    anyone else seen issues with post2blog

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  • any other issue is that.. if you log into wordpress and post it shows date and time right

    if you use post2blog it puts the date and time of tommorow

    shiner, that software/whatever you bought – is NOT a WP issue. Go to their forum with your complaints.

    dont worry it was my blog.. program is ok..!!! forgive me

    Nope actually its the program… after long extensive troubleshooting its badly programmed and needs massive overhall.. done to it.

    you should report this to the support of Post2Blog probably this is caused by WordPress settings. And check if you have latest version of the program

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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