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    i would like to ask if someone has problems with translations. I’m trying to translate plugin to Czech, but it seems plugin ignores translation file. Translated in POEdit, stored in plugin languages directory, but its not working.


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  • Plugin Author Héctor Cabrera


    Hi @martascz,

    Could you please explain in more detail how exactly you created the translation files?

    Also, can a moderator please review @mobby2561’s comment? There’s no “czech support website”, at least not coming from me and since I don’t speak that language I have no idea what that site says (and don’t have the time to Google-Translate-it either.)

    Hi @hcabrera,

    i think i’ve created it like always. In POEdit loaded .pot file created Czech translation file, saved to languages directory of plugin, translated only few strings, save in POEdit was succesful. Whole WordPress is set in Czech language and user profile is also set in Czech, but nothing happends.

    Plugin Author Héctor Cabrera


    Hey there,

    How did you name your file?

    I hope that in standard way: wordpress-popular-posts-cs_CZ.po and .mo equivalent. As far as i checked source code of plugin, this should be correct.

    Plugin Author Héctor Cabrera


    Yep, that’s correct… but that’s not the issue here 😛

    I re-read your previous comment. This is likely the problem:

    (…) saved to languages directory of plugin (…)

    From version 4.2.0 (released ~5 months ago) WPP no longer loads translation files from its languages folder. If you check the instructions from this FAQ you’ll learn that you have to put your translation file in wp-content/languages/plugins instead.

    Well i tried this also, but still language is not working 🙁 Any other tip?

    Testing now on clean WordPress installation, but same problem

    Hang on please..

    Ok well.. I don’t know what happened, but from some moment it started to work. Don’t ask why, i’m don’t know.

    So correct place for translation is like you said, thx for you time.

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    For your information, i had exactly the same problem while translating a plugin to Greek language.

    The problem was in the filename. Instead of naming it plugin-el_GR.po and mo, I named it plugin-el.po and mo and everything worked fine.

    Crazy huh?

    @panos0000 Is not crazy
    WordPress uses el.po, .mo for the Greek language
    There no need to have Greek for other countries like English, US English, British English, Australian English, etc

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