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  • I’ve been updating a site for a client at and been having trouble with paypal code being altered. I am using wp3.3.1 and the latest version of Firefox. I copy and paste the code that Paypal gives me but couldn’t get the dropdowns to work. This is what they say is happening:

    Here is the code on my website: <select name=”os0″> <option value=”BLU-RAY”>BLU-RAY $39.00 AUD</option> </select> <select name=”os0″> <option value=”PAL”>PAL $39.00 AUD</option> </select> <select name=”os0″> <option value=”NTSC”>NTSC $39.00 AUD</option> </select>

    And what was generated by PayPal: <select name=”os0″>
    <option value=”BLU-RAY”>BLU-RAY $39.00 AUD</option>
    <option value=”PAL”>PAL $39.00 AUD</option>
    <option value=”NTSC”>NTSC $39.00 AUD</option>

    Now, I can remove the extra code, that’s fine, but I’m wondering why this is happening in the first place. Has anyone else had this problem and what was the fix from preventing it to happen please?

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  • Same problem here — and it’s making me crazy. WP changes the code.

    Some suggest posting the button by itself, then linking to the “paypal email link” but I cannot find any part of paypal that provides an email payment link. I wonder if this option has been removed.

    Help! How do other people do this?

    As I didn’t hear from anyone here I took it further and finally found someone who had written about this problem at

    The purehtml plugin he mentions near the bottom of the post works perfectly and my paypal links are now working fine.

    I would have thought that both Paypal and WordPress would have mention of this on their sites as a potential problem since it appears to be a common one after doing much research.

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