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  • I have encountered a really wierd problem and its bugging the heck out of me. I have set up a site at and for some reason any new page I add under bingo reviews is going to te bottom of the list instead of in alphabetical order. I tried numbering all of the pages and even tried deleting the pages and readding them but it is still adding new pages to the bottom of the list, cany anyone help please before I pull out my comb over

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  • check your navigation, <?php wp_list_pages … in the header.php of your theme

    then edit the code wp_list_pages sort order into menu_order

    Check out this codex for details:

    Hi I have tried that but it is still the same, if you take a look at all of the pages under Bingo reviews, the bottom 3 are out of order, At The Bingo, Prime Scratch Cards and Silk Bingo, this only seems to have become a problem since I updated to 2.8.4


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    Have a look at Joel Starnes’s pagemash plugin. It would enable you to tweak the order of your pages.

    I have installed Page Mash and still have the same problems, any new subpages I add under bingo reviews are added to the bottom of the list in chronological order even after I have moved them in page mash and it says database updated.

    HELP lol

    OK I have noticed something even wierder. If you check the order of the sub pages under bingo reviews on the home page then new pages are out of order. If however you go to any post (for example or any other page (for example and then look at the list of bingo reviews they are all in the correct order.


    I am seeing this in 2.9.1 in (grand)child pages displayed in a submenu…

    I’ve tried leaving these sub, sub pages’ menu orders all at 0, assuming they would then sort alphabetically by the title.

    I’ve tried using a value of 1-26 (for the starting letters A-Z) assuming that then, if there are 4-5 that start with the letter “C” that all the “C” titles would group together, then sort per the next letter…. but…. NO, no joy. They group together, but then are not in order within the sub-grouping…

    For the most part, my menu uses the order value for displaying the main and sub menus and it all works as expected. It’s this sub-sub menu that needs to order A to Z that doesn’t fully work correctly. While I CAN get them to sort alphabetically, within a letter group, they don’t sort in any logical manner.

    I end up with something like:

    Healthy East Chicago
    Holy Trinity
    Health Visions

    In any instance I can think of, I’d expect this to be

    Health Visions
    Healthy East Chicago
    Holy Trinity

    Any ideas, anyone? I can’t provide the URL as the dev site is under additional server authentication…. but basically, my function call is written:

    <?php wp_list_pages('title_li=&sort_column=menu_order&exclude=24,28,292,300,329,330,331,343,344,346,380'); ?>

    Your ideas all very welcome as I am up against a deadline and my head is bloody from banging it against the keyboard!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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