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  • ElierBerrios


    Yesterday I updated two sites in a general way (plugins, themes and WordPress) in both I had problems with the content diagrammers, basically I use two PageBuilder by SiteOrigin for the site with free Theme and WP Bakery for the site with payment theme.

    In both cases the problem occurs, in principle, with editing content in text editors, none of the plugins allows me to edit text. Both pages have the Classic editor installed. I already tried disabling all the plugins, even disabling PageBuilder and WP Bakery, in this case the contents can be edited without problems either with Classic editor active and deactivated. I have also tried changing the theme (use Customizr and Nimva respectively) I have tried with theme twenty nineteen, but the problem continues.

    In the case of PageBuilder by SiteOrigin a 404 page appears instead of the text editor, and when I try to save the page it also takes me to a 404 page and no changes are saved.

    Screen PageBuilder text widget

    In the case of WP Bakery, the editor appears blank.

    Screen WP Bakery 1

    However when inserting new text blocks the editor works perfectly, it even allows me to re-edit these new blocks.

    Screen WP Bakery 2

    In this case I did not test whether the page is saved or not.

    Both sites run on a hosting with PHP 7.2.14 and MySQL 5.6.41

    Any guide?

    Thank you


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  • JNashHawkins


    You’ve done what I’d have done already… Well, I’d have run the Health Check plugin which might tell you something.

    I’d now turn to the support channels for WP Bakery and PageBuilder.

    You might also find this plugin to be helpful if you wish to go back to an earlier version but my experience with 5.0.3 has been right positive. I do install the Classic Editor plugin. I also tweak my settings to allow the Block Editor as an option also but I’ve not used it much.

    I have no experience with WP Bakery and PageBuilder.

    BTW: Once you do get the Block Editor setup for you I’ve been told this is a good resource to learn that editor’s ‘Ins and Outs’.

    Hope you find something here helpful.



    Hello guys, I need some help with my site. My site is now a mess I’m not exactly sure what happened but it started when WPBakery asked for an update. Since we got it from a theme we were forced to purchase the WPBakery itself which was initially suggested on support forums. I got the plugin uploaded on my entire site I can now see the EDITOR which was previously unavailable. But still, my page won’t load completely.

    Thank you and have a great day!


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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