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  • I’m using the SVN ( version of P2 on my self-hosted WordPress blog, but it’s not working just as the demo is. For some reason, you can’t click “Reply” on the index page, you have to first click “Permalink” and then use the comment form.

    Second, threaded comments aren’t working, you can’t reply to comments.

    Third, the index page isn’t automatically updating when new updates or comments are posted. This is kind of annoying.

    If this is a known issue, I’m sorry. If anyone knows how to help, please reply! 🙂

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  • I’m sorry, disregard the entire post. It turned out I didn’t have threaded comments enabled. Sorry.

    Oops, I’m back again. I have two problems with P2 now, first of all, clicking “Reply” on a post doesn’t work, it only works for comments, which is annoying because then you have to click “Permalink” and use the form there to comment. Second, if I disable threaded comments, P2 starts being really strange and it’s annoying because the comments look better flat. Is there anyway to fix this? Thanks in advance.

    Yep, comments not working for me either… likely fixed with official release….

    any news on when the official release is coming?

    They stopped communicating on original thread and closed comments…. no clue. Don’t mind waiting, but being upfront about timeline would be a welcome approach. 🙂

    The theme has been released:

    We wanted to take care of a few things before a public release, and it took us longer than expected (you can blame me for that).

    Enjoy, and please, let the bug reports flow 😉 (well, maybe not flow, just trickle?)

    Using the just released version I’m having the same problem with the Reply-links. Seems to be caused by the javascript that intercepts the link when you cklick it.

    Just to clarify the previus post: with “just released” I mean the current version 1.0.1.

    I haven’t changed anything, but am no longer having issues now that I’ve updated to trunk of MU… haven’t tried it on standard WP …

    I’m using the SVN version of this, 1.0.2, and I’ve found that this theme conflicts with the Twitter Tools plug in.

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Services_JSON in /home/tchansen/public_html/wp-content/themes/p2/inc/JSON.php on line 116

    Twitter Tools is found in the plugins repository.

    We have the same problem as hatkirby, reply does not work and we have to use peramalink to reply? This is the official version which I was hoping would fix that.

    Looks like if a person has an original posting the “Reply” link does not work and I have to use “Permalink” to Reply. The “Reply” link does work with the sub-postings.

    netwolfalpha et. al: can you please post links to where you are having problems? It will help in debugging.

    I also have the following error come up when I try to activate the P2 theme:
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Services_JSON in /home/poddicti/public_html/lacbrule/wp-content/themes/p2/inc/JSON.php on line 116
    I’ve got the following plugins running:
    Allow Categories
    Blubrry PowerPress
    Google Analyticator
    Members Only
    PollDaddy Polls
    Register Plus
    Subscribe2 Stats
    WordPress Database Backup

    The json error can be fixed be replacing line 15 in functions.php with:

    if( !class_exists('Services_JSON') ) include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/inc/JSON.php');

    This will be fixed in the next release, due out within the day.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 41 total)
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