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  • Hi there,

    I was just about to get started with this WP Blog and decided to download the Origami theme for Seemed to take awfully long already. And now for some reason all I get is a white screen – I can’t even get to the log in page anymore to remove the theme.

    Any suggestions how to undo this? Or how I may access the dashboard somehow?


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  • do you have access to your Web Root Directory? the folder where you have other folders like: wp-admin, wp-include, and wp-content?

    if you do navigate to “\wp-content\themes” and delete the theme.

    No. But then, I actually wouldn’t know how to get there if not through the main dashboard. Or am I completely misxing this up?


    jacobuid is speaking about your hosting account’s root which you can access by FTP using some ftp program. Your hosting account root is not the wordpress main dashboard. It is where your installation of wordpress is kept. Where is your site hosted?

    Ok so when you ordered your hosting did you have to install wordpress by uploading files or was it already installed or installed through a software installer? Also search any emails they sent you for anything that has something to do with ftp.

    Actually, it wasn’T even ordered by me but a friend, which is why I’m a bit lost here.

    I suppose she ordered the hosting at and then used SimpleScripts to install WordPress.

    That what I found on FTP:

    Username: journalo
    Live Web Directory: public_html/

    DOes that help?

    Yes that is what you need. Download a program called “filezilla“. Once you downloaded it, open it up and in the top bar of the program, enter your information to where it belongs. Host would be your domain. Username would be the username given to you, and same with the password. If you need more help with this step you can watch this video.

    After you are connected, look for wp-content in the newly opened box on the right. After you found it, double click it and then click on themes. After that you should see all of your themes including origami. Look for the origmai folder and then right click on it and delete it.

    If you need more help with any of the steps just let me know.

    Sorry to hear about this issue ostrov-journal. I was using a WordPress 3.4 function, so anyone using WordPress 3.3 or below would have seen this error. Unfortunately our themes are required to only support the latest version of WordPress.

    I’ve found a work around, so the latest version of Origami wont cause this problem if you want to try it again.

    I’ll follow this thread incase you need any help deleting the old version of Origami.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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