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Problems with Object Cache / Database Cache

  • All was going well with W3TC, until I tried turning on Object Cache and Database Cache. Since my VPS has eAccelerator and not APC, I could only select Disk for both of these, so that’s what I did.

    After a day or so, the wp-admin dashboard would stop responding while I was logged in. Eventually my site would crash and Apace would restart due to out-of-memory. (My VPS has 1024 MB of RAM, and I’m only running one site on it.)

    So, I turned Object Cache and Database Cache back off, but the problem continues. I tried deactivating, deleting and reinstalling W3TC, but the problem continues.

    Is there something (files, database records) I should delete to clear this issue? Or is there some other setting that could be causing this?


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  • In the options table of my database, I have found tens of thousands of transients like this:


    They are not being deleted so my options table grows until it’s so huge the site crashes.

    Is W3TC is creating these? If so, what setting can I change to stop them from being created? Perhaps something under Browser cache?

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