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  • Hi. I’m running multiple wordpress installations (20+), but my latest one has an error I’ve not yet seen in any of the others. The problem is NEW posts aren’t showing up on the homepage at all. I can go into the MANAGE>POSTS section, and they’re there. The categories even work in that you click on categories, and the missing posts, in that single category, magically appear.

    I installed (complete mirror site of fully working package with all the themes and plugins) into it’s own directory. Changed config to point to the DB, with a new prefix. Install went fine, no errors. Saw the problem appear while creating posts. Changed themes to see if it was a theme issue…nope. Did the upgrade to 1.5.2, and it went fine as well. Still a no new posts. Used phpmyadmin to dig around the database tales for this install. Found no issues there.

    I’m stymied. What could be causing this? Only edits I’ve really done are for sidebar, headers and footers in the themes I’ve played with.

    Site is

    Also note that there is a error appearing ( at least it shows to me) on line 175, character 23…but of what? This is across themes as well. Really don’t think this is creating the issue, but it is also unique to this blog install.



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  • The only thing I can think of is the time difference between you and your host’s server. There’s a setting in the Options area somewhere that you can set it.


    Can you post a link to the category with the missing posts? I see lots of posts from October 10 on the main page.

    are the latest postings…

    I considered the time difference, even setting one of the posts a day ahead, and it didn’t show as I expected.
    I’ve JUST NOW changed the dates posting dates on the three posts in question, to show a post time of around noon today ( all the rest of the posts were done in the wee hours of this morning ).

    And, now they show up correctly. I really don’t think it was my late night programming that caused the issue, but it seems to be working now…

    This blog is replacing a static html template design I did months ago, at . My only other thought with this was to delete and reinstall from scratch the whole shebang, but don’t have to now.

    However, I am STILL getting that pesky SYNTAX error, code 0, line 175, character 23 on every page of this install. Seems to be (if I’m reading the code correctly) something to do with a sajax debug function. Where should I start looking for that issue? Thanks Tom, Tech, for your quick feedback…


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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