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  • Dear all,

    I’ve been working with WordPress for quite a while now. I have installed and upgraded in the past quite a few times and have always had multiple wordpress-installations on one domain at the same time. Never any trouble, it always worked perfectly.

    Today I tried install WordPress again on my domain. I have 2 other installations running without problems. The installation of today didn’t give any problems, it went perfect. But when I log in to the admin-panel the problems start. In the “write post” screen there should be a WYSIWYG-editor but now it isn’t. I can post, but it’s not how it’s supposed to be. Internet Explorer reports problems with opening the page.

    When I go to the “authors and users” page in the admin-panel, it remains completely blank. Again Internet Explorer reports problems with opening the page. The “Your Profile” page for the adminaccount shows in all fields the value “Array”. These are also thing I have never had before.

    I installed/deleted and reinstalled/upgraded several times (both files as database) today but nothing seems to work. The installation somehow seems corrupt and I couldn’t find anything on the web on how to solve this.

    Please, can someone help me?

    Thanks a million!

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    for starters,

    the VERY first thing to do if you have just upgraded and are seeing any “white” pages (blank pages) is to disable all of your plugins, 1 by 1, noting if that fixes the problem after each.

    9/10 of the issues ppl are seeing with upgrades stem from NOT disabling plugins before the upgrade — OR upgrading and then going in and activating all the plugins w/o ch3ecking for compatibility issues.

    Second, “installed/deleted and reinstalled/upgraded” >> that’s not the way to go. Inevitably, you end up with database issues, or mixed file versions.

    Pick a version, make sure the database schema and ALL the uploaded files are for that version, and troubleshoot the issues from there. Thats the smartest and safest way to go.

    I’m sorry. I guess I wasn’t clear enough in my post.

    This concerns a fresh, new installation. I tried solving the problem by running an upgrade: but it didn’t work.

    I tried deleting everything and reinstalling: it didn”t work.

    Nothing seems to solve the problems. No database issues: I also deleted and reinstalled that.

    Any clue what’s going on? Thanks al million!




    ermm, well what version did you install, that you thought an upgrade would help?? How can one upgrade to a version theyre already using? (Dont answer that, it’s a rhetorical question)

    A fresh install —
    were there any errors during the install?
    what server software? Apache? IIS? What version of MySQL?
    Did the blog page EVER show up?
    Did you upload the themes?

    I installed the newest stable version: 2.2.

    In my desperate attempts I just tried to overwrite all the files (thinking that the first upload might have gone wrong somewhere) and then running upgrade just to make sure. But this isn’t an issue: it was just to let you know I tried everything I could possibly think of.

    There were no errors during the installation. Furthermore: the WordPress-system in general works. I only experience problems in the situations I pointed out in the first post. So yes: the blog page shows up. A problem with the system as a whole isn’t the case here.

    I haven’t installed any additions what so ever yet. No themes or plugins. That can’t be the problem.

    I don’t have the serversoftware versionnumbers at hand right now. But I figured that couldn’t be the problem: I also have two other WordPress-blogs up and running at the same domain.

    Weird hunh?

    I just found out my other installations are version 2.04 and 2.1. Only the newest one is 2.2 and that’s the one that is making the problems.

    I saw others on this forum having similair problems. Maybe it’s somekind of bug in the 2.2 version?

    Can I download the 2.1 version somewhere? And if so, are there also security fixes for older versions?

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