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    I have an issue with myStickymenu in EI8. It seems that there is a problem with the plugin in older versions og IE. I’m totally fine with limited functionality (e.g. the menu doesn’t stick to the top) but right now the menu isn’t shown at all in EI8. Has anyone experienced the same problems and found some kind of workaround?



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  • Right now I cant test it with with ie8, it’s quite old browser…

    I had the problem with IE9 as well. I ended up having to edit the plugin file so that these were the top lines in /mystickymenu/js/mystickymenu.js:

    //disable at small screen sizes
    var myfixed_disable_small = parseInt(mysticky_name.mysticky_disable_at_width_string);
    var mybodyWidth = parseInt(document.body.clientWidth);
    //detect IE9
    function isIE () {
      var myNav = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
      return (myNav.indexOf('msie') != -1) ? parseInt(myNav.split('msie')[1]) : false;
    if (mybodyWidth >= myfixed_disable_small && isIE() == false) {

    and then edit the main mystickymenu.php on line 472 so that it loads the regular .js instead of .min.js


    Thank you very much! You saved my sticky-menu 😉

    I just have one small question – is possible to change the function to block it for IE10 and below, but allow it for IE11?

    Thank you!

    Hey guys, I’m quite busy this days but if you are willing to help maybe we could extend plugin browser support, I can add improvements in a plugin min script than so you’ll be able to update… Can you confirm me that this code works fine in IE? and what about IE 10 and 11? We should find the best way to enable it for newer IE browser… Guess this could help us – http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10964966/detect-ie-version-prior-to-v9-in-javascript

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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