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    scroll all the way down that list — you are missing a closing </div>

    I have no idea what page the </div> needs to go onto.. the only page that I thought was missing one was the header, and when I threw one in everything got all garbled!

    a wordpress page is spread over different files.
    a <div> starting in one file e.g. header.php could end </div> in another e.g. footer.php
    perhaps you just inserted this one </div> in the wrong place.
    there are some nice toolbars around to view and check the structure of your page.

    I looked through every file I have and can’t find a <div> without an ending. There were two left open ended in the header file.. but there are two </div>’s in the sidebar that clear those up. I’m stumped here.




    well are you using the validator results as your guide?

    If you attempt to validate now it throws other errors, such as there being too many closing <div>s

    Here’s a suggestion, start at the top of the validator results, and fix the structural errors as you see them. You do have more going on than just that one issue.

    Well, I went through and cleaned up the site. No more errors whatsoever. Footer is still hanging out in the upper right. Any idea why it’s doing that now!?

    you appear to be missing <?php wp_footer(); ?> in your footer code

    that piece of code is only a hook for plugins – it has nothing to do with layout.

    I only offered it because it worked for me before for a similar problem.

    But I’ll stay out of it.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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