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  • Hi. Thanks for your small and good plugin.
    I have a problem with Site Login in a MultiSite Installation.

    You get the error 403 Forbidden if you click on login.
    I don’t know why this error popup.

    I have a solution, that is working in a MultiSite and a SingleSite Installation.

    Line 108 AND 191 (delete action=login& )
    Change it from
    $code[] = "<a href=\"".get_bloginfo('wpurl')."/wp-login.php?action=login&redirect_to=".$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']."\" title=\"".__('Login','hypervisor-login-logout')."\">".__('Login','hypervisor-login-logout')."</a>";


    $code[] = "<a href=\"".get_bloginfo('wpurl')."/wp-login.php?redirect_to=".$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']."\" title=\"".__('Login','hypervisor-login-logout')."\">".__('Login','hypervisor-login-logout')."</a>";

    Please commit this in a new update. Thanks.

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