• I have five forms set up to submit entries for different competitions at a virtual conference. Each of the five challenges has different fields to be completed (some are just text, one has lots of short text fields, some have images, etc.).

    I originally wanted to use the Post Content field as the text portion of the submissions, but kept finding that changing the label on the Post Content field on one form changed the label on all the forms.

    To get around that, I tried setting up a different field group for each challenge. But now the forms sometimes show the fields from other forms instead of the intended ones.

    Similarly, I tried setting up the Post Title as a hidden field with a default value set to the title of the post hosting the form (which is the name of the challenge), but entering [post:title] just sets that as a string (literally the title is “[post:title]”). I then tried hard-coding the titles on each form, but every form takes the value from the last one I set up. Going back into the form in Elementor I can see the value I entered, but if I submit that form from the front end the new post has the wrong title.

    Every form has a different name and is hosted on a different post. Is there something else I could be doing wrong? Or is it just not possible to host multiple forms on one site?

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    @rclivermore I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. It is definitely possible to have multiple forms on one site.

    I an here to help figure out why this isn’t working… I wonder, are you using this with Elementor or standard WP?

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    I’m using Elementor, with the forms in a modal window if that makes any difference?

    Would it be more stable if I set up the forms in the backend and included them via a shortcode instead?


    I am facing similar issues – this appeared since 3.0.5 – and still facing it with latest versions. Front end Post submit is filled out with previous submission in some way… very strange.

    Using Elementor with ACF fields (tried to use it as individual fields or grouped – no change – issue remains)..

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