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  • Within one wordpress installation I manage several blogs. Because of certain circumstances I have to generate static content for all blogs and deploy it on a separate server. I’m testing the real-static plugin: After installing this plugin all subpages of all sub sites display the default wordpress error message. They are no longer accessable. The subpages of the main site are generated without any problems.

    The test environment is setup on my local machine (localhost). Is there a solution to my problem?

    After uninstalling the plugin from the network the problem persists.

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  • I tried it a little further. After uninstalling the plugin and changing the settings for permalinks it works again.
    My guess is that it has to do with new segment (the Blogname) in the url:…

    Maybe I should add that I didn’t install it via Network installation. I did it in each blog seperatly (as the developer advised).
    It still is not working.

    Plugin Author Erik


    The multi-side mode is really tricky. I’m sorry that not work as you want it. “” should work, maybe a some really-static settings are not set right. Please activate it inside one blog and use the debugfunction so i can take a look on your settings.

    Plugin Author Erik


    I just gave it a test worked on my testsystem.
    Installed and aktivated inside Networkadminmenu then goto subsite and run the 1-2-3 quicksetup

    Hi Erik,
    Thanks for your reply. I created a sub site and configured really-static to run in live-mode. Using the default configurations works fine.
    I tried the following setup:
    Really-static is configured to run in demo mode. The export is generated in ,, …
    Maybe that causes the problem.
    Now I changed the mode to live and didn’t do any changes to the export paths. Really-static exports in the same folder from any sub site (really-static/static/) and overrides existing files.
    Appending the string (‘e1/’ ~ export of sub site 1) to the intern and extern filepath is not working: Not enough writing rights, but that is not true.
    Do you have any suggestions?

    I tried to create the folder (e.g. ‘e1’ in really-static/static manually – that works.
    Now I try to setup a couple of sub sites to see if my setup works.

    … I will let you know!

    it seems to work, but no images and other files are moved.

    Plugin Author Erik


    could you send me the logfile, by using the debug funtion? I would be very grateful 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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