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  • On lots of previous occasions, I have moved WP installs from one server to another; I usually follow the same basic process:

    • Run a db dump from PHPMyAdmin
    • Copy wp-content to desktop
    • Install a fresh copy of WP to the new server
    • Drag wp-content to new server
    • Drop new tables and import old SQL dump file
    • Get to a screen that reads ‘database upgrade required’
    • Upgrade DB and fix any minor issues
    • Get on with my life

    However, I am running into a world of pain with the latest attempt at reproducing this process; I have followed the usual steps – copied over wp-content, imported the old DB but when I go to the site root, instead of the ‘upgrade your DB’ message, I’m stuck in a never-ending loop where the WP installation screen comes up and prompts for blog name, email, and the other setup information.

    Unless I’m doing something different – which I really don’t think I am – something seems to have changed with 3.4.1 that is changing the WP behavior when moving a site in this way. It seems odd that the clean install installs and functions fine and then thinks it needs installing again once I copy over the wp-content and the MySQL dump from the old site.

    Sorry if that was a bit rambly – it’s late in the day and I’ve done this 10 times – could really use some help!


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  • Here’s my suggestion, because the WP versions you may be dumping to and from may be different.

    Just use WP’s own “Export” tool (Tools menu in admin area) to export the content. Then in the new WP, import it.

    Install all the plugins one by one on the new platform. For the images, copy them into wherever they were (wp-content/uploads?) and make sure the path mapping is correct in Settings of the new WP.

    That should do it. Save yourself the run-arounds.

    That is my normal process too for moving WP. By any chance, did you make any changes to the SQL file after downloading it from the old server? (Like do a find/replace, etc.?)

    Do you have a visual confirmation after deleting and uploading the old DB that all the wp_ tables were actually uploaded completely?

    @pklula – thanks for the suggestion. I will have to do this if I can’t fix it the usual way. My preference is to use the DB approach though – simply because with heavily modified theme and plugin files, it’s usually much easier.

    @racer x – thanks for chiming in – no, no changes to the SQL file. I’ve looked at it and it certainly appears ‘normal’ as far as I can tell.

    I’m in the process of doing a manual reinstallation. Slow and tedious. Would love to hear from anyone else with any suggestions as to why we are being prompted to re-install every time..

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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