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    I have wordpress installed at http://normativity.exre.org, which is hosted by Dreamhost. I also registered the domain 'normativity.net' with them, which is set to mirror the site with my wordpress installation.

    I use permalinks and the 'Relative URL' plugin to facilitate the mirroring (for some reason, it does not work properly without relative URLs). And I use 'Member Access' to restrict access to the posts and some of the pages.

    Now, mirroring generally works: it is possible to access the site via 'www.normativity.net', and without noticing that the site is hosted elsewhere. But there are still two problems:

    (1) The blog header/title links to 'normativity.exre.org', not to 'normativity.net'. I guess this is a problem with the 'Relative URL" plugin, but I couldn't figure out what to change in its coding.

    (2) When someone logs in via 'http://normativity.net/wp-login.php', it works in the sense that the login is registered. But it shows only on 'normativity.exre.org', not on 'normativity.net'. That is, the logged in user can access the restricted areas on the mirrored site, but not via the mirroring domain. I have no idea why this doesn't work.

    Any help or suggestions are much appreciated.



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