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    I am Selecting ‘Your Logo’
    Clicking the link to ‘Select a File’ Choosing a file and pressing ‘Ok’
    In the ‘Site Title & Tagline Section’ the ‘Uploaded’ Tab appears
    but there is no image to Select – Just an outline where (I assume) a preview should be – is there a limitation on the image size – I have looked but can find no info on this – the files are present in the WordPress ‘Uploads’ directory.

    Can you advise please?

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    You need to upload one first by clicking on the “Select a file” with the uploader, not from the media library. I just tried this on my test site and I was able to upload a sample logo.

    Hi and thanks for responding – I was doing the right thing – it suddenly struck me while reading your reply that the reason I was not seeing any images was down to a setting I had made in the .htaccess file!

    My own stupid fault! I’m so sorry to have wasted your time, and thanks again for your prompt response.

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    Honestly, you did not waste my time, I just wanted to make sure this was going to work for you. Also, don’t worry about things either, I’ve made many stupid mistakes myself and sometimes the answer or solution is right in front of me and I still miss it, lol.

    I also had to test this on the Pro version of Preference to make sure I didn’t miss something there either.

    But, it appears you got it working and we can consider this thread as resolved, unless you have additional questions relating to this topic?

    Thank you, you’re very kind – yes resolved and fully operational now that I’ve adjusted the .htaccess

    Thanks again – love the theme!

    PS – apologies if I should have asked this as a separate question – but while we’re ‘talking’ (as it were) the image I’m using is 950px wide – it resizes down beautifully if I resize the browser window down, but if I enlarge the browser window wider than 950px it doesn’t ‘stretch’ – is there any way of getting it to?

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    This will depend on the size of the image (the original size) because the container for this theme, specifically where the logo goes, is 1170px wide. So it will have a limit and will resize proportionately starting with the width. So if you had an 800 x 600 image, downsize it by 50%, the new image will be 400 x 300.

    Thanks again again for the super-swift response – just to be certain I’ve understood you correctly – 1170px is the max width the logo image can be displayed at?

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    yes….and you’re very welcome 🙂

    Thanks! It’s bed-time now in my locale – so you’ll get some peace! LOL!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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