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  • After upgrading to the latest version (from a couple of versions back) of the plugin my site went down almost immediately, RAM and CPU usage shot through the roof and remain ed there until I manually removed the plugin. As I couldn’t find a solution to the problems I opted for another plugin (where I migrated the data) since there was no way i could keep this one active without my site going down.

    My site is on Litespeed/MariaDb/php7 and I have to say that after re moving this plugin the site is noticeably faster all around. To be fair I had used it for years on another server running Apache/Mysql and had not had any such dramatic events, although I suspect it did slow down my experience as well, as it performs much better now (but that was my fault for not realizing it earlier).

    I have heard from a couple of others on litespeed that experienced the same issue.

    Its a good plugin no doubt, but it does seem to slow down my site at least and the last version totally crashed it…

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  • Plugin Author Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso

    I wish you’d have come to us for support rather than to go straight to leaving a two star review.
    The last version has a performance issue under certain rare circumstances which we are currently working on. Previous versions absolutely would not have slowed your site.

    Is it is, you should be able to resolve your issue by checking the dynamic sitemaps option and enabling sitemap indexes (something the other plugin does by default).

    Ok I edited the rating, though I don’t think I will go back to using your plugin, still I did use it for years and for that it deserves a better rating. The reality is that the effect of this latest update was catastrophic to the point that it crashed my site in a matter of seconds, even if I knew what to change I would not be able to access my site as it was completely inaccessible as long as the plugin was active.

    Don’t get me wrong you have my respect for your product and the fact that you are on top of it and that you do offer a great free service, but for me this last update proved to be unmanageable.

    As for the slowdown, I still think that the site is behaving much faster now (and I am not the only one that thinks so), but I have not measured it at all. When I have more time (assuming I can even use the plugin again) I may run a test to see if that is the case with actual numbers.

    In any case thanks for taking the time to address my original post.

    Same here, it slows down my sites. I have Version 2.8.1
    My hosting has a licence and they told me to use it two days ago, which I started to do. But really, it slows down the opening of the sites + the admin also.

    You write: “Previous versions absolutely would not have slowed your site.”

    Please can you tell me about which version is making websites faster, I will install that instead.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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