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    Hi !

    – I have a problem with the loading of a slider create with revolution slider. I have put 11 rev slider javascript files in minify (load before /body) but this are not dislay on mobiles.
    If I set minify “load in head”, I have the page speed insights error…

    – If I minify all my CSS files, my website is broken on all devices

    How can I fix theses ?

    Thanks a lot

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  • Plugin Contributor gidomanders


    Don’t worry too much about the PageSpeed Insights score. It is just a guideline to help out making the user experience for your website the best. As an SEO expert, I’m not even getting a score of 100/100. If your website works well with the scripts loaded in the head, you could just settle with that.

    About the minified CSS, do you still have styling or is the stylesheet empty? It might be CSS combined/loaded in the wrong order which breaks alignment and such. Then it’s an incompatibility with your theme. If you don’t have any styling on your website, CSS minify failed, which should show an error in your error logs.

    Defintely sounds like an ordering issue for your css and js files.

    You can switch minify to Manual mode and then use the Help Wizard to display all the files and then drag/drop them into the correct orders.

    To know the correct order just turn off Minify and jot down the loading order of files (you can use a speed test site which should have a waterfall table of loading items) or use your browser’s developers tools to see them. Once you do see them write them down and then duplicate their order in the Manual mode. That should fix your js and css problem.

    Alternatively, if you are comfortable with php code, you can adjust the ordering in your theme’s functions.php file…that way you can leave the Automatic minifiy mode instead of resorting to Manual mode. But might be a bit too advanced for most since it requires a lot of time and patience.

    Btw, big thank you @gidomanders … i see you are always in this plugin’s support thread helping out people. You’re quite the machine! Hat’s off to you man and the amazing effort you put in here. 🙂

    Plugin Contributor gidomanders


    @fistfullofcrisco thanks, I’m helping out the W3 team on this forum to get more people in contact with a team member to help out. I can get you in contact with the team too so you can help me answer more accurately if you want to?

    Plugin Support Marko Vasiljevic


    Hello @federaldesign,

    Do you have an update on this? Was the issue resolved? Please give us a feedback so you can close the topic and mark it as resolved.

    Best regards,


    Hi @vmarko,
    thanks for your message.
    I have fixed this problem by using another plugin. Sorry, not enough time to search solution anymore with yours.
    But I use yours on another site with any problem.
    Best regards

    Hi @fistfullofcrisco,

    I seem to be encountering a similar issue. Meaning, after combining javascript files, the site fails to load. However, rearranging the scripts does seem to make a difference, though not everything still loads. I can safely say it’s an ordering issue at the moment. You mentioned using a speed test to determine the order. Can you please specify how and where I can do this? I tried using Pingdom tools and GTMetrix, but they produce two different results for the order of scripts.

    Your help is appreciated!


    Plugin Contributor gidomanders


    @cl0ne when you disable minify, save and clear caches and then visit your website, your browser has something called Developer Tools. In chrome that’s in the right click menu as “inspect”. You have to go to the network tab and refresh the page. You can then see all requests for your website, which you can filter by JS. There’s the order you should use. I hope this helps, otherwise don’t hesitate to ask!

    Thank you @gidomanders

    That’s exactly what I was looking for! Appreciate your support and your promptness!

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