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    Store URL:
    WordPress version: 3.7.1
    WP e-Commerce version:
    Gold Cart version: –
    Theme: Shoppica

    My 2 [possible] international clients did this:

    They added items to their cart and went to check out. At the checkout I have had 2 clients (1 potential) try to add in their international addresses and complete their payment only to have there be an error with their address in checking out before hitting Paypal.
    One of the [potential] clients lives in Bangkok- that isn’t even available in the countries list!

    The other one of the clients had created an account and when they tried to save their address as Singapore, Singapore [postcode] it kept adding in Saint Barthelemy instead of Singapore. Here is this clients exact list of issues:
    “A couple of problems I encountered when trying to check out:

    1. I can’t seem to save my country to Singapore in my Profile page. Every time I select the correct country in the drop down box and save, it automatically changes to Saint Barthelemy.
    2. I can’t check out. My check out cart reflects $0.00 on the top right hand corner. When I click “CHECK OUT”, page displays ‘Oops, there is nothing in your cart. Please visit our shop.
    3. However, when I click ‘My Account’, it shows that I have an incomplete sale for 2 sets of remote control rechargeable LED Flameless tea light candles set of 12 (Amber) and there is no CHECKOUT button for me to make payment.

    I expected WP e-Commerce to do this:

    To be able to process orders by my international clients. And for anyone who has registered a user account and has to complete a payment after logging out and logging back in to be able to complete their order.

    Instead it did this:

    I double checked my store settings and I have selected ALL countries so I can not see how else I can solve this issue.

    I also checked what happens when logged in as a registered user and you have an ‘Incomplete’ Order in your account & there are no items in your cart, and found that there is ZERO way for them to be able to resume their order and complete checkout.

    Please advise on how I can solve this as I don’t want to lose international orders 🙁


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  • Turn off all your caching, internal and external, and particularly Varnish, if you are running it:

    You’ll find Bangkok under “Thailand”.


    Thank you for the suggestion. I turned of my caching plugin and still nothing changed.

    Again I went to the Store settings; selected None; Saved. And then did ‘Select All’ and save. Checked the site and no go- it still only displays Australia & NZ as the country options that are selectable.

    Same for the account issue.


    Please help me fix both these issues!


    I REALLY NEED HELP- APPARENTLY THIS BUG IS NOT NEW TO WPEC- how can you have not fixed it yet!

    I also can get this error message: ““Some of your cart items are targeted specifically to certain markets. As a result, you can only select those countries as your shipping destination.”

    I see from this thread that it is an issue that you seem to be ignoring- I NEED TO BE ABLE TO PROCESS INTERNATIONAL ORDERS.

    I even have a screenshot to prove it.

    Again- it seems that there is a major bug in the system regarding the countries it enables. To disable all countries works totally fine- but to enable all or even specific countries is a no go.


    I understand that you are frustrated but this is a community support forum and shouting at people is not going to help you one bit. n If you want support from the plugin developers best go here:
    and follow the links.

    NB the old forums still seem to work and given that they split the topics up much more usefully I do not see why we should not carry on using them.

    Having looked at your link I would say that you have a number of options, none of which you will like much, but hey, try asking IBM or Oracle how much *their* e-commerce platforms cost to license.

    Your options include:
    1. Roll back to 3.8.11 and see if it fixes it.
    2. Wait for 3.8.13 and see if it fixes it.
    3. Pay someone now to fix it.

    Hello Whitelamp – thank you for actually replying.

    OMG I fixed it!

    Go into Categories for your products and select none for your target markets.

    I don’t even know when or why I would have changed this. But I’m glad I had a lightbulb moment and looked there.


    Hey I’m glad to hear you resolved this 🙂


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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