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  1. worldtraveller321
    Posted 4 years ago #

    What site would be best to get WordPress.org running on my Mac Apple Computer?

    I am having troubles with it again. as it is not recognizing it all tall.

    I have MAMP installed correctly
    and i move all files into htdocs etc correctly
    but when i go to local host to run it, nothing shows up
    can some one really help me out on this please. thanks

    Here is more to i

    What is the situation with installing WordPress.org on to my Mac Apple Computer?

    Ok so a few weeks back , I installed WordPress.org onto my computer, it is a Mac Apple Desktop
    so being a MAC i had to install MAMP as well.

    so i did all installs correctly from a video etc for MAmp and then WordPress.org.

    So last week i did some experimenting with a few hosting service. which caused a problem, so i got rid of the hosting service.

    now when i went back to go onto wordpress.org
    which was offline, format to make my offline webpages, i could not access. it at all

    so what i did , i reinstalled MAmp and reinstalled WordPress. doing all precise steps.

    what was going on, when i went to local host

    http://www.localhost8888/wordpress/ etc

    i get a file not found message each time
    even though the files exist on my application folders and i even reconfigured on the Text edit file of wordpress etc
    so what is the situation how come it still does not work
    even though i repeated the exact same instructions as before.

    So u know I am using just Mamp, not Mamp pro.

    btw i was able to get wordpress.com to work and make pages there, but that is different more of an offline blog service thingy

    so what i am doing wrong.

    on the Mamp part, i get 2 green lights and i can access my start page there as well
    and i get the proper coordinates

    host is 8889
    and root , root etc

    Did configuring in myphp as well for priviledges etc for wordpress

    so anyone have similar problem?
    other wise i do not understand y its not working and when it worked before

  2. hpb1980
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Check your wp-config.php file. This is located in the root of the wordpress install folder. The credentials listed in this file should match that of the database created locally through MAMP. Though I havent used MAMP it shouldn't be drastically different from its windows equivalents.

  3. KrashKartMedia
    Posted 4 years ago #

    what i would do is this.

    download and unzip wordpress to your desktop. rename the wordpress folder to something like "testing" or "newsite".

    open up localhost/phpmyadmin and then create a database. name it anything you want and copy it / write it down. this is case sensitive.

    now take the wp folder you just renamed and drag it into /applications/mamp/htdcos/

    now, visit localhost/testing , or what ever you named the folder.

    you will see the set up page. simply follow the instructions.

    let me know if you need more help.

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