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    I’m fairly new with WordPress, and was making good progress with my design until I upgraded to WP 2.5. Here’s what’s happening:

    I can no longer get images to appear in either the default Text widget or Daiko’s Text widget without messing up the layout of the text widgets below them. That is, the widgets that are supposed to show up below are being positioned directly TO THE RIGHT of the widget containing images, in a long, skinny column — instead of being completely pushed down below the text widget that contains images.

    If I REMOVE the images from the Text Widgets and insert only text, all the widgets in the sidebar will display correctly.

    I would appreciate getting some feedback on this from anyone using WP 2.5 who has inserted images into either the WP default Text Widget or into Daiko’s Text Widget. Are the widgets with images working properly, or are they causing you similar problems?

    If so, I’ll know I either need to wait for a fix of some kind to WP 2.5, or revert back to WP 2.3 for the time being.

    If not, would the next logical step be to consider an incompatibility of my theme with WP 2.5? (I’ve posted a question to the theme designer.)

    Or is there possibly another cause? (I did modify the widths of the sidebar and main content divs from the original theme template, but when I display an outline of all the block level elements in Firebox, there don’t appear to be any problems with any divs being too wide.)

    Thanks for reading this, and thanks very much for any responses.

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  • Not receiving a response to my issue makes me think that might mean this is a problem unique to me — meaning maybe I’ve messed up some code.

    Let me ask this, though: When I move a widget that only has TEXT in it ABOVE a widget that has IMAGES, the layout in the sidebar remains correct. It’s only when I move the widget with TEXT in it BELOW the widget with IMAGES in it that the sidebar layout gets messed up. Would that kind of behavior indicate it’s not a CSS issue? Or not necessarily?

    Thank you, someone, out there for your feedback! I really need it! 🙂

    OK, this issue has been solved. I thought I’d post back, just in case someone else encounters the same problem.

    When initially setting up the images in WordPress 2.5 for uploading, I had selected “align left.” Then I inserted the image in a temporary post, just in order to copy the image’s code/link info. I then pasted that info into the widget box. That info specifically mentioned left alignment. When I removed the left align reference from the widget box, the widgets acted normally.

    It had not occurred to me to check that particular code, or that the left alignment for these images meant that widgets following the widget those images were placed into would wrap. I had used the same procedure in WP 2.3 to copy and paste the image code/link info into the widget boxes, but apparently the code resulting from following that same procedure in WP 2.5 is different, more detailed.

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