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    I am having a problem with images being aligned on on the Zenlike theme (

    I want to style the images using class=”alignright” and class=”alignleft” but it’s not working and I can’t find out my!? It will align left and right but will not style using the stylesheet. If I create a link around the image, it always leave the border as the stylesheet doesn’t include img styling by default.

    I have added this simple bit:

    #sidebar img
    border: 0px;

    This removes the coloured link border around the top image in the sidebar, for example. But I can’t apply any other styling anywhere else in the document.

    You can see what it does by default here: on the top image in the post/page.

    I have tried adding img { border: none;} img { border: 0px;} but nothing works.

    I’m added this img { border: 6px } just to illustrate that it isn’t working because it isn’t changing the border.

    I’ve also tried img.alignleft etc… am I doing something wrong?

    Obviously, I also want to add padding depending on whether it is left or right and that also doesn’t change when I update the stylesheet.

    One further note. When wordpress adds the images it adds them with the class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-16″. Is there some other styling in play?

    Please help, many thanks

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  • Just logged back in to change the topic to resolved but it looks like someone beat me too it.

    Thank you for those of you that were looking to help but it seemed that I hadn’t closed a tag.

    Now fully resolved and I hope not to be so foolish next time.

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