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  • Hello everyone,

    I recently set up a WordPress blog to serve as the website for my sister’s pet-grooming business. I took a fairly nice theme (I think) and made some fairly limited modifications thus far to customize it.

    The most significant change took place in the header, where I modified the header.php file to replace the blog title and description (that was originally in the header) with a JPEG image.

    Things are fairly ducky, but in IE7, I’ve noticed that the menu section (a horizontal bar with buttons to other pages that is supposed to be just below the block section with the logo image) tends to float up over the logo – primarily when a page is first loaded/visited. This problem is not occurring in Firefox.

    I have read similar topics here on very similar subjects, and I have taken a look at the source code in Dreamweaver 4. Dreamweaver 4 doesn’t point out any errors in the HTML a my img tag seems to be correct (properly closed, etc).

    I was hoping that someone might take a quick look at the site and see if they can spot the problem. I imagine it’s actually quite simple, but it’s one of these subtle errors that are somewhat difficult for an inexperienced person to figure out.

    The site URL:

    Kind regards,


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  • For SEO purposes, you should leave the blog title and description in the header.php file. If you don’t want them to display, push them out of view with a big negative indent, then use your image as a background for the header.

    The problem you are describing probably has nothing to do with your code, but reflects the fact that Internet Explorer is a piece of crap. Many stylesheets contain specific hacks to work around IE shortcomings. The link you provided doesn’t work, so I can’t see your site to see the exact problem. Try googling IE hacks and you will find lots of answers to your question.

    Hello Chrisber,

    Thank you for the reply. My apologies about the link above…I had a period in there that didn’t belong. I’ve corrected it below…

    Now that I’ve fixed the link to the site, would you mind taking a quick look?

    Kind regards,


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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