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  • I donated about 14 months ago.
    For some reason, some HTML entities tags are not being decoded properly. Perhaps it is the word shortener. Foe example,
    <span class="dbrian-postheadericon">A "Quran Roast" Outside The White House Ended Up Being Even Dumber Than You’d Imagine</span> (copying raw HTML from originating site; note the HTML is actually quotation marks and NOT HTML &quot;. Also note that the right single quote, also NOT in HTML ‘’’, ‘ ’ ‘ is ignored and/or removed by the word shortener)
    A &quotQuran Roast&quot Outside The White House Endd Up Bein Even Dumbr Than Ud Imagine
    I am passing these through the WP kses filter prior to publishing, if that makes any difference.
    I’ve stewed about this for a couple of years now.

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