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  • Heres the situation:

    I had a domain with Go Daddy and joined for a free trial. While with them I uploaded WP and somehow did it twice, so it was a bit messy and I could not work out how to delete what I needed to. I was not sure about how to edit the PHP file and save it and I did not get much help from the web host so I cancelled. Now I am trying someone else and I know the guy but he is hosting it at cost for me so I don’t want to bother him too much. I went to go daddy and updated the nameservers (4) and when I click on I get “create configuration file but don’t know what to enter and even if I do, will this all work. The other thing is, well, I will just paste the relavent part of the email I sent below:
    Hi john, I have wasted my whole day looking at the Helm back office and not getting anywhere.

    Sorry to keep bothering you but I am just at a standstill.

    My questions are:

    * Will Helm work with WordPress?
    * When I try to add MySL 5 it says “There are no databases of this type available” am I doing something wrong?
    * I read something about WordPress needing a Linux system to work, is this right?
    * When I try to add a database it says “Unable to add database as it already exists. Please enter a new database name and try again”
    * When I go to I get a “create configuration file” message (when you download WordPress there is a file called wp-config.samples.php or similar which you have to open, edit with the permissions and save as wp-config.php – deleting the old file.
    * Originally I signed up with and these files are left over from that I think. I actually uploaded too many and messed it up a bit so would like to delete everything and start again but don’t know how to go about it.
    * It all looks so simple on the WordPress site – I have my heart set on a WordPress blog as it’s the best. If it won’t work with this server I will have to cancel which I really don’t want to do.


    Can anyone help? I am new to blogs but really want a WP one.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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