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    Good day!
    Thanks for the nice plugin, but I can’t make it work.
    Help please, where did I do wrong?
    Rechecked all 10 times:
    The names in the table with a small letter, without spaces and ___, coincide with the tags of the Contact Form 7, in the logs are clean, the name of the table and sheet is correct, checked everything many times. The demo from the example on your site also does not work.
    I am in a panic, I do not know what to do.
    Here is the link to the goole sheet: link
    Here is the form code:

    <label> Фамилия Имя Отчество
        [text* your-name] </label>
    <label> Номер телефона
        [tel* telefon placeholder "8(999)123-45-67"] </label>
    Наличие удостоверения
        [checkbox* udostoverenie use_label_element exclusive "Удостоверение ЕСТЬ" "Удостоверения НЕТ"]
    Наличие инструментов
        [checkbox* instrument use_label_element "Шуруповерт" "Перфоратор" "Бензопила" "Гайковерт" "Керхер" "Нет инструмента"]
    Наличие паспорта
        [checkbox* pasport use_label_element exclusive "Россия" "СНГ" "Нет паспорта"]
    Наличие машины
        [checkbox* mashina use_label_element exclusive "Машина Есть" "Машины Нет"]
    <label> Ваш e-mail
        [email* your-email] </label>
    <label> Дополнительная информация
        [textarea your-message] </label>
    [acceptance soglasie] Согласие с политикой конфиденциальности [/acceptance]
    [submit "Отправить"]
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  • Plugin Author Abdullah WesternDeal


    Hello @reactivesnaile

    Can you look at debug log and send me the errors if there is any, which helps you to assist you further in solving your issue.

    In demo we have given admin login details too, to check from admin side, but visitors use to login and change the settings again n again so it looks like it’s not working, where as it works perfectly for free and pro too

    Please have a look and let me know further


    Hello Abdullah
    Thanks for the answer!
    Please tell me where is the debug log?

    Maybe the problem is due to the fact that the data contains Cyrillic (this is the Russian language font)?

    Plugin Author Abdullah WesternDeal


    To open up the log file. Move to Google Sheet Integration page a link to open Debug Log would be displayed right below the authentication box.

    Just click and see if there is any log printed. If the log is empty than you have to enable WP debug via wp-config.php file to see for the error.

    Plugin Author Abdullah WesternDeal


    Does the problem is resolved?
    Feel free to let me know if needed any further help.
    If problem is solved, please mark this topic as resolved.

    Many Thanks

    I apologize for not answering a lot of time, there were urgent matters, today I managed to launch the plugin, Everything Works Great! There was a problem on the server with sending mail, the mail was repaired and the plugin automatically started working.
    I apologize for the anxiety.

    Abdullah WesternDeal Thanks for the good plugin, I will ask the authorities to buy the pro version.
    For all I want to say that the free version of the plugin works fine, but difficult settings.




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    * Not Working Now*

    I have never had issues with the plugin until now. I had someone signup on the form that i have this connected to. As they went through on the link they said they filled it out but i check the google sheet and there was no information from them. So i went to the link as well and filled the form and it gave me a message ( – You can see what it said after i filled all the spaces in. I need to see how to get this fixed ASAP. I just updated the plugin to see if that would help and it does not. The plugin says Active when i look at it in the dashboard. So i am stuck as to why its not working now. Please help and let me know if someone can look at this or tell me how to get this fixed. When i click view log, there is nothing that pops up there.

    Plugin Author Abdullah WesternDeal


    Hello @jhudson1215

    I would like to suggest you that open a new ticket for the issue you have, as you have posted under resolved topic, so its not good and we generally not checking resolved topics.

    It looks like may be your CF7 plugin is updated and may be you did not configured your contact form Mail Tab correctly, it happens as CF7 configuration changed in latest version, see if there is any error in configuration.
    So form is not submitting, unless form is not submitted, data will not go in excel sheet.
    Send me screenshot of mail tab and your page URL where this form is used.

    Let me know.


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