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    Hi. I have your plugin on two different sites. I am seeing range of deliverability problems using gmail. It is hard to tell which problems may be related to your plugin vs issues with gmail vs issues with the receivers platform. I am hoping that even if the issues are with my gmail account, you can still help because you no doubt know lots more about the inner working of email than me.

    I am going to try to describe things but it is rather complicated mess.
    In http://norcalslopesoarers.com/ I have a dedicated gmail account setup and operating.

    First I used your plugin Test Email to send to three address
    1. an email to an address with domain rhodesengr.com (pop account at godaddy). RECEIVED
    2. My work email address domain llnl.gov RECEIVED
    3. an address I have at yahoo.com NOT RECEIVED

    Then I set up users from the same three address and looked for the email with verification link
    1. rhodesengr.com RECEIVED
    2. llnl.gov NOT RECEIVED
    3. yahoo.com NOT RECEIVED

    So to address #2, the test email went through but the verification email did not. In all cases the sent email are logged in my gmail SENT folder and there were no bounces.
    Then I tried email the same three places direct from my gmail account (not using the website at all)

    So for address #1, test email, verification email, and direct gmail all worked.

    For address #2 verification email DID NOT WORK but test email and direct email worked

    For address #3 (yahoo) NOTHING WORKED

    But to make things more confusing, I have another site that also uses your plugin rotorfest-funfly.com and while I have not done all the above extensive testing, I did try to send an email direct from its gmail account to my yahoo account, and was RECEIVED

    So with two different gmail accounts one, gets through to yahoo and one doesn’t. See, its a confusing mess.

    I started looking at this in more detail because one of my users (with a yahoo address) was not receiving anything at all from the site either.

    I hope you can help. I did try searching on the problem and saw some similar issues with others about yahoo and they said to look for filter or blocked addesses. There are none.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    ok I feel like a bit of an idiot but not completely.

    The yahoo problem is resolved. All the messages were going into spam. The spam folder is initially hidden so I didn’t see it.

    However, the issue with address #2 verification email is still not resolved. I receive the plugin test and direct emails but not the verification email.

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    Well I guess it is not plugin issue. The verfication emails do show up in the sent folder on gmail but not arriving at address #2.

    I tried an experiment. I forwarded the verify email to my same work address and it went through. However, if I copied and pasted the contents into a new email and sent it again, it does not go through.

    I don’t really know but I am guessing that the email system at work ( a DOE National Lab) has some heavy filtering going on. They may well be not delivering emails with active links. Why the forwarded message gets through but not the copy and pasted version or the original version, I have no clue. They have the same active links.

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    Headers are different, also the internal HTML structure of the email is different too.
    When forwarded – means some user may processed it, thus filters are off for this case.
    Who knows.

    But in general case the plugin sends emails, that’s the incoming server that’s processing them in that way, so nothing else that can be done here. Perhaps, you can ask them whether they have certain rules and you may need to modify email headers to always comply with those rules.

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