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  • Now I have done a search and found variations of the questions but no clear answer.

    My site is which I acquired through yahoo domains.
    I am forwarding the site to my host site

    So when I enter into the address bar its working fine. But when I enter I get an internal error with not being able to find the site. Also all the permalinks on the site have the Host address ( and not the address. My aim is to make the end user unaware of who my host is. I want them to only have to deal with and never have to see the full address. Also when I go from and click login and enter the correct name and password all it does is redisplay the login screen. If i go from my original host address it allows me to login just fine? Why is that?

    Now I realize I may have to change some things with my yahoo domain so I wanted to find out what things I need to change? Yahoo domain offers forwarding as well as an ‘A’ name and ‘cname’ service. I am not sure what these are? I appreciate the help.

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