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  • I have been reading Yoast’s SEO info displayed in the dashboard.

    I have 3 comments to make;

    1. He talks about RSS feeds. This morning I tried to upload the WP RSS feed plugin. It isn’t compatible with the current wordpress version. The other RSS plugins seem to be for editing the RSS feed content.

    2. Yoast mentions personalising your “leave a comment message” to encourage people to respond. It seems easy enough to do. Just change the wording between the < and >. If you do as he suggests which is to change the message in the HTML editor this code doesn’t show (you only see your blog message). Also you can’t change the code through viewing the source in a browser (I use google chrome).

    3. I’ve tried setting up the breadcrumb trail. If I understand correctly; when setting up the breadcrumb trail you need to link to your blog’s facebook page. Facebook doesn’t allow the link. You get an access denied message. I tried ignoring that message. It allowed you to go through the set up procedure but the breadcrumb trails don’t show.

    Is there a way around these issues?

    By the way Yoast’s blogs on SEO make interesting reading. My only concern is that my original intention was to just create a blog. It seems that to get anywhere with it you need to spend a lot of time just on SEO which isn’t what I wanted to do.

    I could pay for an SEO review but It would be interesting to see what improvements I can make with SEO before parting with my hard earned cash. Also the above comments about Yoast’s articles don’t encourage confidence that if what he says will work when the reality is that it doesn’t as I’ve not been able to make the suggested changes.

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