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  • I’ve been trying patiently to build a theme using 1.3 alpha 4, and I’ve had the weirdest thing happen. Basically if I use firefox (which I love to bits) and use my ever so slightly modified css file then my screen flickers and actually blacks out.
    All I’ve done is started from scratch with the css, added the header as usual and then took the 1.3 files (index, header, comments, footer, sidebar) and but them in the one folder. That folder was then but into wp-content/themes and then activated.
    The thing is as soon as I flip to IE it’s all fine (hell I’ve only put in a colour for the body and another for the ‘rap’ I call it something else). Has anyone experienced this? If I use any other theme, again no problems. Am I missing something fundamental here?
    Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to why this would happen? I’m completely stumped and it’s a shame as I really want to get into designing by theme that doesn’t make my screen crash….

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  • Sorry Khaled. I am stumped 🙂

    Could you upload the offending theme so that we could mess around with it?

    A Firefox bug maybe ?

    I played around with it this morning. So I’ve decided to be analytical about this.
    Change 1.
    I had a psd file in the images files found within the actual theme, so I
    removed that from there, and that seemed to be ok.
    Change 2.
    When this happens usually I’ve got dreamweaver, firefox, and XAMPP all on at the same time (XAMPP is the utility from which package php, apache, and mysql amongst other things into one package that sets up a server on your machine) the flickering/instability is apparent.
    When I get back home I’ll probably give it a go and try and see which one of the above is the culprit, soo strange though, as it’s definitely firefox reacting to something from the above.
    alphaoide, once I get home I’ll but the files in one location for messing about with :). Strangest damn thing.

    this is the strangest case i heard so far

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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