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    My brain is melting trying to fix the featured image on my product page. I have set the featured image as the photo of the rifle leaned on a helmet. But for some reason it shows 3 different images of muzzle brakes before finally getting to the actual featured image I set.

    The only way I have managed to remove the photos of the muzzle brakes is by deleting them from the body of the product, but that is where I want them. For some reason it is like a little slide show on the product image, but I just want my 1 photo and no others.

    Someone suggested I “edit the post, click Add Media, then select “Images Uploaded to this Post” which should show all attachments. Delete the ones you don’t want by selecting them and clicking “Delete Permanently” from far right. Any images you want to show exclusively in the body must be uploaded via the Media tab in admin so they are available in the media library when you make the post rather than uploaded as attachments.”

    I tried this and it worked until I added the photos via the Media tab in admin and then put them on my product via the media library. The showed up again as featured images…

    Any help would be super appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    Here is a link to the problem page:

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  • looks like you got it sorted, eh?

    Yes, I finally had some help on it. Turns out the fix was the Unattached & Reattach Media PlugIn. From the Media library I unattached the problem photos. I hope this helps someone in a similar situation.

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